Youth Exchange “READY to Start!”

Youth Exchange “READY to Start!”

Youth Exchange “READY to start!”

Horezu, Romania

14-23 April 2018

Entrepreneurship is an attitude, which is co-deciding about life success of individuals but also the development of communities and nations. The position of each country to a much greater extent depends on the day of establishment of its citizens than from other factors. The World report on entrepreneurship AWMAY 2016 shows that European citizens have very positive attitude towards entrepreneurship but very few of respondents think they have entrepreneurial potential (they imagine starting a business). It is only 21% in Romania, 33% in Turkey, 34% in Spain, 41% in Italy and Poland and 46% in Greece. This means, that young people actually want to be entrepreneurs but they don’t know how to be them and what it means.  In general obstacle in starting own business is a fear of failure. 66% of youth surveyed by the G20 Entrepreneurs Alliance in 2016 said entrepreneurial skills need to be taught. Precisely in order to allow the development of the country towards an innovative economy we implement project “READY to start!”. The migration crisis is very clear in Europe today. Solving migration problems is becoming more and more common and more important priority for the EU. One of the objectives of the European Employment Strategy is effective inclusion of migrants in the labor market. The most important challenge is to create friendly environment where they feel like they are in their own home and will be able to fully use their human capital for the benefit of the community. The main goal of the project was to encourage young people for creative business thinking and the integration of minorities, especially focused on ref ugees and immigrants in the context of entrepreneurship.

This Youth Exchange involved young people from Greece, Spain, Italy, Poland, Turkey and Romania. During 10 days they were learning new methods of non-formal education, playing games, teaching the others, sharing knowledge, exploring new cultures, getting to know each other, improving their skills and competencies.

Through the project, young people from different parts of Europe had the opportunity to develop entrepreneurship skills, understanding towards other cultures, get to know the degree of social responsibility, the importance of their role in initiating on the local environment, have developed an attitude of social entrepreneurs, self-esteem, competence in the labor market and intercultural awareness.



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