Time to say I CAN!

Currently, the European community is facing 2 big problems among young people: the lack of job opportunities and the tendency for intolerance, discrimination and exclusion, which is widely visible across the societies. Nowadays, the discrimination and exclusion showed by young people towards minorities and immigrants come from the uncertainty about finding a workplace or from the uncertainty of the future. The religion matter is marginal, and young people are actionally manifesting discrimination and xenofoby due to the uncertainty of their own future. AT the end of 2015, the unemployment rate in Spain was 47.7% and in Italy 39.8%, high numbers which show us that almost one out of 2 young people does not have a job. In the same time, there were 5.4 million immigrants in Spain (out of which about 500.000 thousand from conflict areas) and 4.9 million in Italy (out of which 600.000 thousand from conflict areas). This situation escalades the fears for future and leads to tendencies of radicalization, intolerance and discrimination towards other youth people with different nationalities and cultures.

Training Course “Time to say I CAN” aimed to promote tolerance, intercultural dialogue and development of entrepreneurial competences, gain of key competencies (entrepreneurship, cultural awareness and expression) for active youth workers, development the capacity of the 5 partner NGO’s for cooperation at national and international level against discrimination, intolerance and radicalization of young people and inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities belonging to minorities or immigrants.

This Youth Exchange involved young people from Lithuania, Spain, Italy, Poland and Romania. During 10 days they were learning new methods of non-formal education, playing games, teaching the others, sharing knowledge, exploring new cultures, getting to know each other, improving their skills and competencies.