Slanic-Moldova, Romania

13-21 May 2018

The project has as a starting point the worrying situation at the local community level of the project partners regarding the integration of young people belonging to national minorities and immigrants in the society. In most european countries there is a state of tension and pressure on the danger that immigrants pose to society in general and to young people in particular. This situation escalates the fears of young people for the future and leads to radicalization, intolerance and discrimination towards other young people of different nationality. On the other hand, it is a certainty that the population in Europe is rapidly aging, the share of Europeans in the global population will decrease from 7% in present at less than 5% in 2050. If the trend continues, in a short time Europe will not have the posibility to sustain economically a reduced young generation and a large aging population. The solution to the above paradox is not complicated: social inclusion does not only mean tolerance and acceptance of other cultures. Young Europeans today are already „globalized”, happy to try foreign food or visit other countries. The problem comes from the uncertainty of their future, from the insecurity that they can find a job. Of course, the easiest in this situation is to blame the young immigrant. Having the problem clearly defined, we propose we implement a project that will help young people to gain the necessary skills for accessing the labour market.


Training Course “Let’s look back and see the future…Europe” aimed to promote tolerance, intercultural dialogue and development of entrepreneurial competences, gain of key competencies (entrepreneurship, cultural awareness and expression) for active youth workers, development the capacity of the 6 partner NGO’s for cooperation at national and international level against discrimination, intolerance and radicalization of young people and inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities belonging to minorities or immigrants.