Learning to speak in public? Getting to know new cultures? All that we had the opportunity to experience during the workshop “Strategies and methods for youth involvement in decision making process” which took place on 15-23 March 2015 in the charming town Slanic – Moldova, Romania. The project involved 25 people from five countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Spain and Turkey.

The project was created for the identified problem among young people, which is the lack of Involvement of young people in decision-making process Relating to the European values ​​- European citizenship, cultural diversity, tolerance. Through the cooperation of non-governmental organizations from 5 different countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Spain and Romania the project increased the quality of work of youth workers and their roles in achieving the intended results. During 9 days, 25 young people developed their competencies in bridging the isolation of young people in active participation in social life. Non-formal working methods used during the training course, drive the youth workers that initiate and management system in the field of youth policy at the local level, offering young people the opportunity to gain the skills needed to engage in social life. The aim of the project was to design and create a model of management for local communication system based on 3 pillars: non-governmental youth organizations, local decision makers and youth workers.

During the workshop, participants discovered how many there are universal problems they encounter every day in our communities, regardless of what country they come from. An interesting exercise ushering in a system of collaboration was to create the highest tower using plastic straws. Contrary to appearances, this was not an easy task. As a result, however, the participants learned to work together and listen to each other. During the project, every day young people got rid of their prejudices and stereotypes.

The program tackled issues such as the concepts and practices of global democratic citizenship, the role of youth organizations in decision-making and policy design, implementation and evaluation, tools and mechanisms for an effective participation of youth in democratic life and sharing of good examples.

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