Implementation period: 15-24 SEPTEMBER 2012
Project type: Youth Exchange
Number of participants: 34 participants from Spain, Lithuania, Poland, Turkey, Romania
Location: Ranca, Gorj County, Romania
Financing authority: European Commission
Short Description of the project: The youth exchange My idea, our development! was organized in Ranca, Gorj County, between 15 and 24 September 2012, with partner organizations from 5 European countries – Spain, Poland, Lithuania, Turkey and Romania and involved 30 young participants from these countries. During the 9 days of activities, the participants experienced non-formal methods in order to develop their entrepreneurial skills.The main theme of the project was how the way young people can increase the potential for developing own ideas regarding entrepreneurship and try to put them in practice. We used a multicultural environment to share experiences and facts from the partner organizationas regarding our topic. The activities of the project mainly included team building activities, workshops about labor market and youth entrepreneurship.