Implementation period: 15-23 APRIL 2013
Project type: International Training Course on Youth Policies
Number of participants: 26 participants from Serbia, Makedonia, Bulgaria and Romania
Location: Slanic-Moldova, Bacau County, Romania
Financing authority: European Commission
Short Description of the project: The project Make the change, be the change! is a training course within action 3.1.b, whose main thematic is the development of cooperation between youth workers and youth policy makers at the local level. The activities of the project took place in the period 15 April – 23 April 2013 in Slanic Moldova, Bacau county. In the project have been involved 4 partners from Serbia, FYR Macedonia, Bulgaria and Romania. The total number of participants for activities during the training course was 26, including the experts. Working methods were based on non-formal education, by using a variety of activities like albatros method, tree method for identification of needs and finding of solutions, theatre play, discussions and debates, world cafe. The implemented project was planned to be the first step in a long term training course wich aims to improve the involvement of young people in decision making process and in influencing the youth policies.