Languages: the best way to build a successful career

Skills of foreign languages do not only allow you to have a better understanding of other cultures and create warmer relationships with the locals, but also are a significant factor to broaden your career horizons. Nowadays among the requirements put in job advertisements we can usually find a request to possess good skills of a foreign language. A good command of more than one foreign language is an even bigger advantage.

During a project that took place in Kaunas, Lithuania on September 19-26th the association “Active youth” gave a unique opportunity to youth workers from Spain, Greece, Italy, Romania, Turkey and Lithuania to make sure that good skills of foreign languages play a crucial role in a successful career and can reduce youth unemployment, which has been a worrisome issue these years, as well.

In this one-week project “Languages – The Opportunity to Beat Youth Unemployment” 24 youth workers with different professional backgrounds were united to look for and discover new ways of learning languages. What is more, the participants shared their personal experience, discussed the possible mistakes made while learning languages, discovered various language learning e-tools, created their own methods and had a great chance to acquire knowledge of foreign languages while communicating with one another. Equally important, the participants learned to use their creativity while writing curriculum vitae, sought to find the key to success when looking for a job and analyzed the importance of languages in the job search process. All this experience will be spread in different European countries.

As it was a project related to languages some guests working or having experience in this field came to give some advice. The first visitors were the creators of “Bliu bliu” learning platform. They told about and demonstrated the usefulness of this tool to learn a new language. Later the participants were invited to be an active part in teaching a language.

How the youth worker dealt with the teaching task? Check it here

The second visitor was a polyglot Edvinas Pundys who speaks 8 languages. The guest shared his life story and revealed some secrets to learn languages. While answering questions from the youth workers E. Pundys highlighted the obstacles to learn a language and accentuated some methods to facilitate the learning process.

In addition, the youth workers participated in an event organized by pabegeliai.lt which was organized in order to make the local people more conscientious about the refugee problem in Europe. “Refugees, Welcome to Lithuania” took place in the heart of Kaunas, close to the town hall and every passer-by not only asked to share his/her thoughts about the issue but also was asked and later informed about the Erasmus+ program. Eventually while holding the posters welcoming refugees the participants of the “Languages – The Opportunity to Beat Youth Unemployment” project made a special photo session which was spotted and published by the local press (“Kas Vyksta Kaune” and “Kauno diena”).

“The best way to learn a foreign language is to speak with people from that country” – claimed the participants and were really happy about the project “Languages – The Opportunity to Beat Youth Unemployment”. During those 7 days they gained useful knowledge about learning languages, improved their communication and team work skills, broadened their cultural horizons and made new relationships that will be helpful to improve the language learning process in 6 countries: Spain, Greece, Italy, Romania, Turkey and Lithuania.

Find out more information on the blog of the project: http://languages4job.eu/