Lets Prevent Food Waste Together with Erasmus+ programme!

Our organisation was part of youth exchange program called “Appetite for Waste”. Project took place in Kaunas, Lithuania from the 2nd to 10th of August 2015 and it was coordinated by Active Youth association. Project included 38 participants Romania, Poland, Italy, Latvia, Croatia and Lithuania; 6 participants per each country.

During project Appetite for Waste our participants had opportunity to learn more about this burning issue and we have tried to find the best solutions for dealing with food waste. Wastage of food is a widespread and increasing problem that is strongly affecting human standard of living. Deprivation of latter and that by increased pollution and both political and economical insecurities resulted in rapid increase of poverty – one of the biggest social problems. We have tried to find new ways on how to equally and fairly distribute food between those who have too much and those who were at the same time starving, and that by taking in account not only the wealth of general population but also wealth of the companies, factories, restaurants, supermarkets, etc. The main objective of the Youth Exchange was to firstly become more familiar with subject and increase awareness about this important topic and secondly, as it was already mentioned, to try to find creative and sustainable solutions and ways how to implement them.

We also had an opportunity to see on our own how the problem of food waste in supermarkets is already being sorted out. That was during our visit to food bank where we helped other volunteers to sort collected food from supermarkets, so that it could be delivered to the people in need. And for a conclusion we had to make a vide         o about what we have learned during project and to show it to others. For that task we were divided in teams and each team made very inspiring and creative video so that our knowledge would not be forgotten, moreover it became worldwide available to everyone at YouTube channel.


Beside hard work we had a great time at multicultural level. We made a lot of new friends and learned more about new cultures and countries. Every evening each of the participating countries had their cultural evenings. At this cultural evening we were briefly presenting country’s traditions, culture, customs, music, dances as well as cuisine. Those evenings helped us to experience cultural exchange. Not to mention, that the participants had a great time during these evenings. What I also find important to mention is that we won the prize for the best intercultural evening which made us very proud and happy.

To conclude, benefits from this project were numerous. Not only from educational activities and interactive workshops on how to fight food waste but also from interaction between participants and exchange of our personal experience and knowledge.

Next Thing for You SHOP SMARTER!

These following tips can help you to start saving money and stop wasting food:

  • Dont go shopping for food when you’re hungry!
  • Take advantage of multi-buy offers only if you can freeze or share the extra items or know you’ll use them in time!
  • Avoid impulse buying – by either you or the kids!
  • Avoid doing huge shops for fresh produce – shopping little and often can help you stop buying so much that food goes off before you have the chance to use it!
  • Read the label and check the use by date before you buy!

After shopping biggest mistake people make is not STORING their FOOD properly. Usually we keep our food in random places in the fridge without thinking that it also causes food wasting. Mostly the reason is our laziness or ignorance.