Press release E.U. and Me

Press release E.U. and Me

38 young people from 4 different European countries took part in youth exchange under the slogan “EU and Me!” organized by NGO “Asociatia Tineret pentru Dezvoltare Durabila” from Targu – Jiu. The project took place in a small town Horezu in Romania between 14 – 23 November 2014 and it was funded by European Union in the framework of Erasmus+ programme.

Youth exchange was dedicated to young people between 18-30 years from Romania, Italy, Spain and Turkey and was aimed to promote social activity, integration and building solidarity among youth. With the non-formal learning methods, we worked on increasing the European awareness of participants as well as the local community. Activities implemented during the project developed the skills and competencies of young people in many areas, digital, linguistic, cultural, social and business.

Owing to the project, young people who took part in youth exchange developed communication and sense of active citizenship which affect in further decision making process in their life and their communities’ life. Participants had the opportunity to share experience and knowledge with others, interact with residents of Horezu, and together create new opportunities for themselves regarding European Policy.

Great memories from the project left the moments, during which young people were exploring the culture of other countries, discovering beauty and tradition of Horezu, and the wealth of the city of Sibiu.

Participation in the project and development of key competencies help young people to be more competitive in the labor market and eliminate barriers to people with few opportunities.

Cooperation of the host organization and partner organizations contributed to the successful work to combat stereotypes, prejudices and build a positive attitude towards the citizens of other countries.



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