EVS – Youth for future, Bucharest – Romania

EVS – Youth for future, Bucharest – Romania

EVS – European Voluntary Service

Youth for future

Bucharest, Romania

1 October 2015– 30 April 2016


In the period 1 October 2015 – 30 April 2016 Asociatia Tineret pentru Dezvoltare Durabila organized implemented an EVS project in Bucharest under framework Erasmus+ program, which involved 6 volunteers from Italy, Spain and Bulgaria, working in kindergarden with children and youth. Project “Youth for future” was the first EVS project implemented by the organization ATDD, therefore, it was a huge challenge for us. Together with all the coordinators and partners from sending organizations from Spain, Italy and Bulgaria we made every effort to ensure the best conditions of working and living for 6 volunteers. During the recruitment process, we tried to choose the right people to work with children and youth through non-formal methods.

Cooperation with children, youth and community allowed to participants get to know the local culture and also gave an opportunity to present their own traditions and customs, which helped breaking barriers and provided an opportunity for mutual learning. The mere presence of volunteers and their attitude also contributed to the promotion of the idea of mobility, increased knowledge about the Erasmus+ program and the opportunities offered by the European Voluntary Service.

Through non-formal education and global citizenship, we tried to prepare young people for active citizenship in Europe and World, to raise awareness among people of importance of meeting obligations as citizens of Europe and convince others to act in accordance with the global common good rather than in national or local categories.

Volunteers were involved in initiatives related to the dissemination of the project results, the promotion of European awareness, mutual respect and tolerance.

An important aspect was to integrate volunteers, both internally and with the local community. To make space for communication, the volunteers took part in the trainings together with other volunteers staying in Romania as well as we organized events involving young people from Bucharest.

6 Volunteers from Spain, Italy and Bulgaria have developed their skills and competencies. The project allows our organization to grow, develop ourselves, to make new experience in preparing projects and events. We are getting work closely with our partners in order to the quality of the projects will be getting higher and any inconvenience will be investigated.

For further information regarding the project, please contact:

Dragos Drumen – Project Coordinator

Phone: +40 756 068 127

Email: office@atdd.ro


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