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On 15-24 April 2015, the group of 38 young people took part in the youth exchange “YES for Health!” implemented within the framework of the Erasmus+ program. Project was organized by organization Asociatia Tineret pentru Dezvoltare Durabila from Romania in cooperation with partner organizations from Lithuania, Bulgaria, Poland and Turkey. Youth exchange took place in beautiful town Slanic – Moldova and it was related to the topics of sport and healthy lifestyle.

“YES for Health!” was dedicated to young people from 5 European countries: Lithuania, Polish, Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania. Referring to the one of the priorities of the Erasmus+ program on the promotion of healthy behaviors, the youth exchange aimed to provide young people with appropriate activities focusing on showing the benefits of healthy lifestyle choice, participating in outdoor activities, fostering tolerance, a sense of respect and increasing active participation of young people in society. Due to huge growth potential in rural areas, young people were supposed to take their own initiative and a sense of entrepreneurship. Through non-formal methods of learning participants developed competences, creativity and learned from their own experience in their local communities, in order to improve the situation relating to health and sport.

During the project participants had also opportunities to discover the beauty of Slanic Moldova and its region. Discovering the potential that lies dormant in the vicinity of Slanic-Moldova was a great experience. The organizers tried to show all possible to visit places like the Orthodox Church, the salt mine, the capital of the region – Bacau.

A great moment was a visit to a high school in Targu Ocna. Participants went there with the intention of promoting the idea of ​​Erasmus+ program as well as the presentation of “YES for Health!” project as one of its initiatives created by young people.

Owing to the project, young people who took part in youth exchange developed communication and sense of active citizenship which affect in further decision making process in their life and their communities’ life. Participants had the opportunity to share experience and knowledge with others, interact with residents of Slanic-Moldova, and together create new opportunities for themselves regarding European Policy.



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